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Walks for Sjögren's

Our Walk for Sjögren’s events are held either virtually or in-person so we can continue Making Strides for Sjögren's! 

We have several objectives for our Walks. First and foremost, we want to increase awareness about our unknown disease. We do this by talking about the Walk for Sjögren’s with our friends and family members. We are also raising funds for the Sjögren’s Society of Canada so that we can continue to strive to improve the lives of patients in Canada.

Walks for Sjögren’s may also include expert speakers, patient testimonials, sponsor exhibits, door prizes and of course an easy stroll in a park or your neighbourhood. Set a fundraising goal, bring a team, and win prizes for the amount you raised.


The Paris Walk for Sjögren’s will be held on Saturday September 17, 2022 at our Head Office. Visit Paris fundraising page

The London Walk for Sjögren’s will be held in person this year on Saturday, October 1, 2022 at Springbank Gardens. Visit London fundraising page

If you would like to organize a Walk or help with planning the Walk in your community, contact the SjSC today!

Thank you to our London Walk Sponsors

Members Only Virtual Town Halls

The Sjögren’s Society of Canada is excited to announce that our Members Only Virtual Town Halls are back for 2022!

We will welcome four Sjögren's experts this year who will give a brief presentation about topics which are informative and timely for our members. The focus of the town halls is to provide plenty of time for members to ask questions.

Our next town hall will take place on September 21, 2022 and feature Dr. Miriam Grushka, Oral Medicine Specialist, presenting "Diagnosis and treatment of burning tongue and taste loss in Sjögren’s".

National Patient Conference

Thank you to everyone who participated in the 2022 SjSC National Patient Conference!  We hosted a fantastic lineup of experts in an online format on April 30th, 2022.

We’re excited for the 16th annual Sjögren’s National Patient Conference in 2023. Join us virtually, in the comfort of your own home to hear from a variety of experts and get the latest information, tips and a chance to ask your questions. Mark your calendar and get ready to engage, learn and empower yourself!

We look forward to you joining us on April 29, 2023!

Canadian Sjögren's Awareness Month

July is Canadian Sjögren’s Awareness Month!

The Sjögren’s Society of Canada is proud to declare that July is Canadian Sjögren’s Awareness Month! Every day during the month of July we post information about Sjögren’s on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. We ask our members and social media followers to like our posts and share them with their friends and family. The focus of our campaign is to spread the word about our unknown disease to the general public, health care professionals and those people who have not yet been diagnosed. We also recognize World Sjögren’s Day on July 23rd, the birthday of Dr. Henrik Sjögren who first discovered Sjögren’s.